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About us

We stand for flexibility, quality and a culture of open communication. We are an organization certified by the Netherlands Association of Accounting and Tax Experts (NOAB).


As of January 1st 2015, Robert Goemans (1978) has joined Bendor as a partner. Prior to Bendor, Robert had worked for Deloitte as an accountant for 8 years, during which, as a manager, he has audited various international and listed companies, and SMEs. Afterwards, Robert transferred to the Transaction Services practice. During his 3 years as a manager, Robert has been involved with multiple international mergers and acquisitions. Robert has successfully completed the postdoctoral program at the University of Amsterdam for being a certified public accountant (CPA).

Our approach

Flexibility, quality and a culture of open communication. We receive positive feedback on how we work together with our clients.

Advantages of a NOAB certified office

High standard of provided services

With regular requalification by the NOAB, our services always meet the required standards.

Up-to-date expertise

As a NOAB member, we are obliged to stay informed on new and changing legislation and regulations.

Approachable and solution-oriented

Being entrepreneurs themselves, all NOAB members fully understand their clients

Ethically sound

The NOAB Professional Code ensures all members act in an ethically sound manner. NOAB members offer their services in accordance with the NOAB Terms and Conditions (which focuses on terms for delivery and performance). You may consult the NOAB Terms and Conditions here.

Ready for tomorrow

NOAB closely works together with the government and other relevant institutions to improve current standards and the way we operate.

NOAB Compilation Report

In short, being a NOAB certified office means Bendor may issue a NOAB Compilation Report. This Compilation Report adds value to your annual accounts and is seen by most organizations (such as banks) as equal to a compilation report issued by  a registered accountant.

Bendor is NOAB certified

What does this mean for you as our client? Read the most important features of a NOAB agency:

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