We are accessible experts and as family businesses and entrepreneurs we are used to looking behind the figures. This way we get a good picture of your advice needs.


Carolien Achterbosch

The coaching role that Carolien often assumes is typical of the way she works, and her coaching efforts are not limited to her external work. Her client base includes numerous start-ups and they occasionally need a well-placed push. Her extensive experience has taught her that numbers don’t tell the whole story. Recognising and stimulating entrepreneurship is equally important, while it’s also crucial to be honest about opportunities and possibilities. This genuine interest in the entrepreneur behind the numbers and the will to be of substantial added value characterizes Carolien. She enjoys taking matters out of the client’s hands, so that the entrepreneur can continue to excel in business. This also requires commitment from the entrepreneur, as transparent administration is and remains a shared responsibility.

Frank Goemans

Frank Goemans is Bendor’s founding father. With years of experience as CFO for multiple medium-to-large sized companies, he took over an office in 1997 which he thoroughly reorganised. That firm became Bendor. As a senior partner, he has a wealth of experience and is undisputedly the firm’s tax conscience. For very complex issues, Bendor always works together with external tax experts. For him, it’s the personal ties and the diversity that make the work so rewarding. It is precisely knowing your client, the person behind the figures, that makes you invaluable. With relationships spanning over 20 years, it’s clear that the clients share this sentiment.

Kenneth Sloote

Kenneth studied commercial economics in Suriname and following a lengthy career there and in Curacao, in 2018 he made the choice to settle in the Netherlands. He joined Bendor almost immediately. His specialty: administration for SMEs. Everything up to the annual report, so to speak. He especially enjoys solving complicated issues. It has to be flawless, right down to the last decimal point – and it always is. Kenneth is often the first to arrive at the office at around 7 am. He tends to the plants, empties the dishwasher, grabs a cup of coffee and settles behind his computer. Bendor is an organisation featuring a range of characters, Kenneth says; we give each other space to grow, it’s like a family. ‘You know, I can easily do my work at home, but I wouldn’t miss this atmosphere for anything.’

Steven Wismeijer

Doing the same thing all day is not for Steven. He studied fiscal economics and worked exclusively with expats afterwards. Steven sees himself more as a generalist with a talent for service provision. He feels right at home at Bendor. Of course, he does the standard administrative work, but the payroll administration also falls under his scope. He also puts his tax knowledge to good use. It is precisely this interplay between the various disciplines that provides insights and deepens the advice to clients. What makes Bendor so special? According to Steven, this boils down to its diverse character. When advising, it’s often more about the click than the knowledge. That’s when diversity is an advantage. If there is a connection, there is trust, and if there is trust, Bendor can be everything it promises: involved, beyond the numbers.