Six reasons to migrate your business

  1. We are an approachable family business with open working methods.
  2. We combine expertise with smart automation.   
  3. We are dedicated to involved service provision with a keen eye for your interests.
  4. We are NOAB certified – guaranteed quality.
  5. You have the option of horizontal supervision. The advantage: a single point of contact with the tax authorities, quick clarity about your returns and reduced supervision and checks.
  6. We will ensure a seamless transition from your current office to Bendor

Five steps to improved administration

Migration to Bendor Administratie & Belastingen is simple. We take all of the concerns and a good deal of work off your hands. It all comes down to five steps.


We discuss your wishes and expectations during an (online) intake consultation.


You will receive a custom quotation within 48 hours. We clarify this over the phone if desired and adjust where necessary.


If you agree with the quotation, we get straight to work and make an appointment for a migration and kick-off session, either at our office or online.


During the kick-off meeting, we lay the foundation for your administration and draw up a transition plan together with you. You receive intensive support to make the transition as smooth as possible.


We continue to monitor your needs to ensure that the administration meets your requirements.

With Bendor’s migration service, you can migrate your business without stress and hassle. The administration will be structured in a way that is convenient and transparent for you.