Administratie & Belastingen

Involved, beyond the numbers

Involved, beyond the numbers

Entrepreneurship is one thing, but the financial side of the business is another matter entirely – something we understand that like no other. We are committed to providing entrepreneurs with a clear insight into their financial situation, so that they can successfully manage their business armed with that knowledge.

Open working methods

We listen, dig deeper and assume your working method; we adjust our services accordingly. We are accessible experts, and as family businesses and entrepreneurs, we are used to looking behind the figures. This gives us a thorough understanding of your advisory needs. We choose a diverse range of clients on purpose. This leads to a healthy variety and diversity of contacts.

NOAB certified firm

We are NOAB certified and have all of the required knowledge and expertise in house to generate custom solutions. Cooperation and shared responsibility are key principles for us. It’s how we keep one another focused and deliver what we promise: financial insight and advice that will move you forward as an entrepreneur.


Processing your administration

  • Taking over your administration needs. We use the following packages: Twinfield, fully digital and in the Cloud, and King, an analogue package for a paper administration. For digital document processing, we work with Basecone. If you currently work with a different package, we have sufficient experience with the most common other packages.
  • VAT returns, income tax and corporate taxation. We work with programmes such as Elsevier Nextens for these processes.
  • Payroll administration. Processing takes place in-house, with the main advantage that your entire administration is processed from a single location. This keeps everything nicely organised.

Complete holding administration for a fixed fee

We take care of the complete administration of your holding (with limited transactions) for a fixed rate of €1,150 excl. BTW per year.

We can also arrange your payroll administration for €160 excl. BTW per year.

CFO service, an interim specialist

You can rely on us to engage an (interim) CFO or financial expert on an hourly basis. To support your business operations, for example, or for specific projects or issues.

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Advantages of an NOAB firm

Superior service and advise

With a periodic review, the NOAB determines whether the standards are being met.

Up-to-date knowledge

Mandatory permanent education keeps NOAB members informed of new and developing legislation and regulations.

Accessible and solution-oriented

NOAB members are entrepreneurs themselves and speak the language of their customers.

Ethical practices

The NOAB Code of Professional Conduct ensures that ethical conduct is of paramount importance to the members. NOAB members provide their services in accordance with the NOAB terms and conditions (terms of delivery and implementation). A copy of these terms and conditions is enclosed.

Ready for the future

NOAB works closely with government bodies and other institutions on new ways of working and new standards.

NOAB Statement of Financial Position

In concrete terms, as a client this means that Bendor may issue a NOAB statement of financial position. This statement adds value to the financial statements and is considered by many institutions (such as banks) as equivalent to a statement of financial position issued by a (registered) accountant.

Horizontal supervision, a position of trust with the tax authorities

You can turn to us for horizontal supervision. This means that tax returns prepared by us are directly accepted by the tax authorities as a general rule. As a NOAB office, we have a special position with the tax authorities based on trust, thanks to our professionalism and expertise.

As an entrepreneur this demonstrates to the tax authorities that you operate in a socially responsible manner, that you are an honest entrepreneur and that your figures are correct. This does not imply that, within the applicable laws and regulations, there is less room for tax advice and for adopting taxation positions. Even within horizontal supervision, you as the client remain central.

The concrete advantages of horizontal monitoring are:

  • A single point of contact with the tax authorities, so that we can respond quickly to any complicated matters
  • Faster clarity concerning the assessment
  • Less supervision, such as checks and inquiries

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